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Yoshihiro Tanaka
Abstract. Android applications engineer at the Kyash Inc. I love good codes, good tests, good team, respectable developers.

1. Introduction

I'm an android applications engineer at the Kyash Inc, and live in Tokyo. Kyash is my third company and I have been working since May 2019. I currently focus on development of Android native applications only, but always have interests widely, and I'm still working on many things as a hobby. For example, Flutter, AWS, Docker, Font-end technologies etc. In programming language, I mainly use Kotlin / Java at work. As a hobby, developing using many programming languages, using Python, Nim, Golang, C#, JavaScript etc (Please see Skills for details). Native language is Japanese. English uses to read api document and to write commit message, issue, blog, but I am not good at talking.

2. Skills

I mainly use the following programming languages.

Table 1. Programming languages list that I mainly use.

Programming languageWork experience (years)Hobby (years)Description
Java43I mainly use it for work as development language of android.
Kotlin24I mainly use it for work and hobby as development language of android.
C#22I mainly use it for work as development language of Xamarin.
Nim03Nim is new language. I have never used this at work, but often use this as a hobby.

I also use many other programming languages: Dart, F#, Groovy, R, Shell, Vim script, Erlang, Fortran, Factor, Ruby, Crystal, Io, TypeScript, Rust, Clojure, Perl 6, Red, Haskell, Volt, ooc, Haxe, Scala.

3. Works

  • Fenrir Inc. - From Apr 2015 until Aug 2017
  • Android / iOS / Xamarin applications engineer.

    Mainly around Android and Xamarin, I have developed applications such as iOS / Unity. Besides, I used Golang, Python, Perl a bit. I got the qualification of Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer when I was in this company. In addition, I was doing new employee training.

  • CyberAgent Inc. - From Sep 2017 until May 2019
  • Android applications engineer.

    I was developing android application of blog service using Kotlin, Java and I was a tech lead of the android team with 5-7 engineers. Mainly used libraries is Databinding, Architecture Components, Dagger2, RxJava2, Retrofit, Glide, Groupie, Mockito, Truth etc.

  • Kyash Inc. - From May 2019
  • Android applications engineer.

    I develop android application using Kotlin.

    4. Job Opportunities

    Recently, I have receiving so many e-mails and linkedin's requests about job opportunities. I am reading most messages, and thanks for senders. However, my time isn't infinite, so it's difficult to replay to all. When you contact me please write COMPANY NAME you want to introduce. If you can't write about it, maybe I will not reply.

    5. Conclusions

    Please look at my social accounts if you want to know me more. For example, GitHub [1], Hatena Blog [2], Twitter [3], Scrapbox [4], Qiita [5].


    Thank you for reading.


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    [3] Yoshihiro Tanaka. Yoshihiro Tanaka (@_Cordea) | Twitter. https://twitter.com/_Cordea.
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